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Abdi Assadi
4/6/2015"You are giving birth to your self. You are the mother, the midwife and the child. You can be trusted with your own birth. The planet at this time asks no less of you and has your back."

To the Best of Our Knowledge, History of Cubicles, Corporations, Mark Mothersbaugh, Kim Gordon 3>!!!

Douglas Rushkoff

Nikil Saval 
"Co Working Facilities.. predatory on freelancers"
"escape isolation and exploitation with a co-working facility.. pay for a desk."

Letter From Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse | ReBloggin from: En Tarde-Garde

...Try and tickle something inside you, your “weird humor.” You belong in the most secret part of you. Don’t worry about cool, make your own uncool. Make your own, your own world. If you fear, make it work for you – draw & paint your fear and anxiety. And stop worrying about big, deep things such as “to decide on a purpose and way of life, a consistant [sic] approach to even some impossible end or even an imagined end” You must practice being stupid, dumb, unthinking, empty. Then you will be able to DO!
I have much confidence in you and even though you are tormenting yourself, the work you do is very good. Try to do some BAD work – the worst you can think of and see what happens but mainly relax and let everything go to hell – you are not responsible for the world – you are only responsible for your work – so DO IT. And don’t think that your work has to conform to any preconceived form, idea or flavor. It can be anything you want it to be. But if life would be easier for you if you stopped working – then stop. Don’t punish yourself. However, I think that it is so deeply engrained in you that it would be easier to DO!...

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